Dona Ana County the Dutchy of Dastardly Degenerates


(After the publication of this article NMPolitics changed their article, a more in-depth case of events will follow.)


Chris Barela the person responsible for Stephen Slevin’s mistreatment and the loss of 15 million dollars from Dona Ana County. Has a history of being above the law.



Karen Perez, the County Commissioner of Dona Ana County’s District 3 should be ashamed of herself for sticking up for Chris Barela and saying that he is the best Dona Ana county has to offer.


If this is best the county will do Dona Ana county should give up it’s governing body all together and have some foreign body show the officials of Dona Ana how to be responsible.

Residents and registered voters of Dona Ana County need to keep an eye out in the next Dona Ana County elections and make sure to vote out Karen Perez from being County Commissioner of District 3.

Anybody would be better at the job then she is. Karen Perez is only perpetuating a culture of incompetence by protecting Chris Barela from the punishment he deserves.

Dona Ana County does not need to have a governing body that is not held accountable and sets itself above the law. Chris Barela’s failure as an administrator cost the citizens of Dona Ana 15 million dollars.

Before the Stephen Slevin case, Chris Barela was making $67,500 now that he has cost the county 15 million dollars his salary has increased to $95,500. He costs the county money but the taxed have to pay for it and he doesn’t get disciplined for anything.

Here is Karen Perez’s defense of him from the only public meeting on the issue which was held at 9 in the morning on Tuesday, to ensure that any local disdain for the county’s mismanagement would be conveniently retained by employment, “Why would we remove the sole most valuable resource that we have in the county to deal with the detention center inmates that has the best understanding, that has the most training? And that’s Mr. Barela. Why would we remove him?”

Valuable resources don’t cost 15 million dollars. If Karen Perez or the Las Cruces Sun News would do their research they would see that Chris Barela has consistently been undermining Dona Ana county with his mismanagement of the Detention Center and Stephen Slevin isn’t the only case Chris Barela has been involved in by far.

Another case where Chris Barela was personally responsible for blocking a detainee’s right to an attorney.
And another case where Barela made the citizens of Dona Ana pay for his mistakes. And another.

What is sad is that the Las Cruces Sun News reports on these cases but can’t put the big picture together. What is equally depressing is that the Las Cruces Bulletin‘s Editor-in-Chief is admirably more detailed he is arrant in his protection of Chris Barela and Karen Perez.

Chris Barela has been terrible for Dona Ana and needs to be removed from his position before he loses the county more money or commits a more serious crime without suffering any penalties. Karen Perez needs to be voted out of office as soon as possible due to her protection of Chris Barela and her obstruction between the current system in Dona Ana and a government that actually works. Chris Barela can be reached at his personal phone number (575) 647-7921 or his office’s voice mail (575) 647-7600

If County Apologist Jess Williams has to say, “This is not the rat hole it has been portrayed to be,” then it’s a rat hole.
In this article Chris Barela lies, “It’s definitely an attack on your pride, because we work really, really hard to assure that this facility is safe.”
Yet this article has just found three instances that prove Chris Barela was personally active in the obstruction of justice and the alienation of inmates. The longer Chris Barela stays in his position as head of Dona Ana Country Detention Center the more human rights he will violate and the more money he will cost us on unnecessary court cases that are entirely due to his terrible management capabilities.
Let Karen Perez know how wrong she was by email, personal phone (575) 644-4055, office phone (575) 525-5807 and make sure to vote against her in the next county election.
To make it perfectly clear Chris Barela has not changed despite the Las Cruces Bulletin and Karen Perez’s best attempts at illusion.
Concerned citizen Rosana Ortega commented on the county’s claim to change, “Hello I have an illiterate. Mentally son incarcerated for just accusations, I’ve complained to the detention center for 13 months till this day still haven’t meet Chris Barela, got one phone call in 13 months, my son has suffered. In the Don detention center its still the same it hasn’t got any better the workers there at the detention center think its funny and ignore you includeding medical staff! I got sick one day at the detention center nobody bothered calling paramedics, my husband got a heart attack last month of so much stress these people have given us.” Proving that Chris Barela and Karen Perez are either setting a very low bar or they are fabricating a false narrative.
Stop letting the county let crooks govern us and abuse their position. By not holding Chris Barela accountable for his misconduct Karen Perez is supporting corruption in Dona Ana County.
 Another person who needs to be fired is Sue Padilla (575) 525-5800 because she is the reason why Chris Barela was put in charge of the Dona Ana County Detention Center.padilla_091212_100
After the investigation was done into the incident where Chris Barela assaulted a police officer and resisted arrest, it was found that he also abused his position in order to avoid having a mug shot taken of him during processing and he was allowed to leave the prison before he completed his processing. He was charged with a misdemeanor for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.
Resisting arrest is a misdemeanor but assaulting a police officer is a felony. 

That’s right, Dona Ana County Detention Center is run by a felon, who abused his authority again in order to escape a definite felony conviction. What wizardry possessed Dona Ana County to reduce the assault of an officer from a felony to a misdemeanor? What legal reasoning would lead to Chris Barela avoiding a felony conviction? Why is he not serving an ironic stay in his own rat hole of a prison?
He has been a felon since 2007 when the Stephen Slevin debacle and the other mistreatment of prisoner cases took place.
What is worse is that his felony charge was presented by the county as a misdemeanor. Which means Chris Barela is bonafide above the law and Sue Padilla as well as Karen Perez are accomplices to his corruption and abuse of Dona Ana county.
Remember if Kimani Gray resists arrest he gets shot by police. If a regular person assaults a police officer they are a felon and can never get a job again.
Chris Barela both assaulted an officer and resisted arrest but instead of going to jail like a normal person he got a promotion and several pay raises.
Dona Ana County is not an American democracy, it is not a republic made up of laws that hold everyone accountable. Dona Ana County is a Barony where the nobility get to make all the rules in order to punish people trying to make an honest living.
The legal system is made to enforce the laws agreed upon by the community. The police are not supposed to be personal body guards for landed gentry. The purpose of jails is not to get the poor out of the sight of the rich or to punish those for being different.
Dona Ana County needs to eject Chris Barela, Sue Padilla and Karen Perez from office immediately for corruption. America was founded on the idea that no person is above the rules. We all live here, we all are subject to the rules.When the people in charge break the rules and aren’t held accountable then there are no rules only ways for those people to assault everyone else.
Or as Billy Jack said, “When police break the law, then there isn’t any law, only a fight for survival.”

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